Merging resonant Brazilian rhythms, emerging artist YVY MARAEY offers a fresh and soulful voice.
Working with New Zealand born and Berlin based producers Simon Abela and Noah Slee, YVY weaves playful melodies, chill beats and expressive vocals into her self named Debut EP „Yvy Marãey“.
With a unique blend of european, antipodean and latino elements, YVY’s sound is laid-back and light, yet rooted in strong grooves that make you want to move.
Born between Berlin & Brazil, Yvy has a reverence for the natural world & indigenous culture balanced by an effervescent youthfulness that infuses her song writing.
The name YVY MARAEY originates from Yvy’s roots in the indigenous tribe Tupi Guarani and has a strong meaning (The fertile earth of paradise). Reconnecting with her Brazilian background was a very emotional and rewarding journey throughout the process of creating this eclectic collection.
Following a strong single ‘A Família feat Noah Slee & Mike Nasa’, this is the debut EP from Brazilian/Berlin artist Yvy Maraey. Working in collaboration with Noah Slee and Simon Abela, this eclectic collection of music has been a long time in the making since Producer Simon and Yvy met in Berlin 2016, and bonded over a shared love and fascination of Brazilian music. During the lockdowns of 2020 the duo joined forces with critically acclaimed producer and singer/songwriter Noah Slee. The collection also features one of New Zealand’s most loved and finest rappers Raiza Biza in ‘Water’.
„YVY MARAEY’s sound is inspired by a wide variety of artists and genres, from Brazilian musicians like Jorge Ben Jor and Jorge Aragao to more modern artists like Frank Ocean and the breakout contemporary fusion Flamenco Singer ROSALIA. While working with different Producers on the debut EP the goal was to combine our favourite genres (RnB, Samba and Bossa Nova). Most of the Songs on the EP were produced by Simon but we also collaborated with award winning French producer YLYA on the single ‚Away‘, the New York producer Chaz van Queen on ‚No Pain‘ and of course Songwriter/Producer Noah Slee on ‚Water feat Raiza Biza‘ and Olé.“
Born out of a love for Brazilian music and 2000’s Rnb. The aim is a fusion of these genres whilst paying homage to the producer’s love of Pop, Soul, jazz and Urban contemporary styles reflecting Yvy’s dynamic heritage split between Brazil and Berlin. Incorporating different producers and session musicians from New Zealand, Brazil, Africa, Germany and France proved challenging to bring all these elements to a common goal. In the end that common denominator is Yvy’s compelling voice that weaves, flows and harmonizes these elements together.

“It has been a long time coming however with this EP and the two singles we’ve already released we feel we are truly finding our unique collective sound.“

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