GOTOPO has given us a science fiction story not unlike those of N. K. Jemisin.“
— Queen City Sounds.

Currently GOTOPO works together with Grammy Award Producer Ulises Lozano, Simon Mejia, Robot Koch and others on her first EP. First Songs have been presented live in June 2022 at MELT Festival.

In September 2021 GOTOPO performed with 15 other musicians at the Opening Ceremony of the Ethnological Museum and Museum of Asian Art at the Humboldt Forum Berlin with audience members Frank-Walter Steinmeier, president of Germany and renowned author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: building bridges between pop culture and the academic arts is a passion.

Her 3rd independently released single ‘Eso’ with Joaquin Cornejo rapidly earned features on BBC 6, Worldwide fm, XLR8R, DJ MAG and landed organically in ‘Electrica Selvática’ (295k listeners): fascinating milestones for an independent artist with just 3 releases.

GOTOPO’s debut single Malembe takes the viewer through a time travel from pre-hispanic times to a pos-colonial present in an elegant showcase of indigenous futurism: it tells an untold story of America that starts „before it was America“. Featuring Venezuelan indigenous goddess Maria Lionza and the golden Goddess of Muisca people Bachué (modern Colombia), Malembe brings a modern tell on a history that in GOTOPO’s words „has been erased from our school books“.
Malembe and its neo-indigenous aesthetics gave GOTOPO a world-building character and a sound that became her signature.

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