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You’ll be familiar with Violet Skies without realising it. Having spent the last few years writing for other artists around the world, as well as founding sheWrites, a global series of female-only writing camps, Violet Skies is setting up her stall alongside her artist peers; a Welsh singer-songwriter with ambition as big as her voice.

Violet Skies on ‘Cry For Me’: “This is the first happy (!) song I’d written post-break up with my ex and I was clearly still sad and confused but had started to see the funny side of things. Also I just really want more boys to feel comfortable crying, it’s good for the soul. Or maybe my ex just wasn’t sad enough?”

Growing up in a village in Wales, UK, she’s a self-confessed nerd, perfectionist and has known since the age of 4 that music was her future. Violet Skies, (adopting her grandmother’s name) writes “pop with teeth” and co-produces all her music; a combination of searingly emotional vocals, uncomfortably honest lyrics about her relationships, and infectious melodies.

The resulting output walks a fine line between making you cry about an ex you thought you were over – and laugh about the one you’re glad got away.

If it’s not already clear, she’s not content with the definitions of what it is to be a female singer-songwriter. She’s somewhere between Adele and Robyn; a product of her parents’ eclectic musical tastes and a 90’s childhood. Violet Skies forthcoming release, Cry for Me, is the embodiment of it all. Opening with the line, “I don’t want to f*ck you up, okay: maybe a bit, (but not too much)”, she intends on making you feel something and, ever the perfectionist, Violet Skies won’t stop until you do.

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